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Born and raised in the north of England I graduated from Manchester University in the late 1960's. My career in the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries has taken me all over the world, and I now live in Switzerland with my wife and grown-up children.

In the late 1990's I was an early adapter of digital photography & soon realised the potential for optimising photos using Photoshop. After retiring three years ago I was looking for new photographic subjects & rediscovered my childhood interest in birds.

It's amazing what you can achieve using a high-speed camera body & telephoto lens. Birds captured in flight at five frames per second reveal individual feathers in sharp contrast and clear colours.

My hobby takes me all over Europe. One of my favorite spots is the Rhine delta on the border between Austria & Switzerland. Here there are different habitats in close proximity including lakeside, woodland, marsh & open meadows.

If you would like to obtain a high-resolution copy of any of the images on this website, please contact me.

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