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Paddy, Jerome, Liam & Ken spend a pleasant afternoon moving Cloudburst onto its summer mooring. The journey down
the river Ilen from the boatyard at Oldcourt can be tricky even at high tide. There are many sandbanks and rocks,
so the use of a chart is highly recommended. Just before reaching Baltimore we veered westwards and motored
through Roaringwater Bay before entering Schull Harbour and mooring in the late afternoon.

01 - Cloudburst on winter berth
02 - Tractor moving into position
03 - Tractor moving into position
04 - Tractor moving into position
05 - Moving Cloudburst for launching
06 - Moving Cloudburst for launching
07 - Moving Cloudburst for launching
08 - Moving Cloudburst for launching
10 - Paddy watches and prays
09 - Moving Cloudburst for launching
11 - Launching Cloudburst
12 - Launching Cloudburst
13 - Preparing to run down river
14 - Preparing to run down river
15 - Liam, Paddy & Jerome
16 - Friendly fishermen
17 - Liam
18 - Friendly fishermen
19 - Liam and Paddy

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